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Take Control with Gambling Addiction Hypnotherapy in Adelaide


Beat Gambling Addiction with Hypnotherapy

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Hypnotherapy in Adelaide for Gambling Addiction

A betting compulsion can be a huge problem for yourself and your family. Besides the potential to financially be wiped out it puts a great strain on your relationships and potentially can lead to unlawful behaviour which can end up with severe repercussions. But were you aware that your compulsions and habits are controlled by the subconscious section of your mind? When you use gambling hypnotherapy to overcome this addition your therapist can speak directly to your subconscious mind and address the cause of the problem.

Gambling addiction hypnotherapy helps to alleviate your compulsions and is often considered to be a more permanent solution. Working with you one-on-one throughout the process to ensure your specific needs are met and that you are comfortable during the therapy session. We also offer services to help you handle the depression and anxiety often associated with such addictions.


Overcome Gambling Addiction

The Hypno Coach’s Addiction Hypnotherapy offers You

  • One 90-minute sessions which will see you leaving feeling relieved of this addiction

  • Three 60-minute sessions to deepen your Gambling free life and build up further resistance

  • Two MP3 audios for ongoing support

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Gambling Addiction Hypnotherapy Sessions are fast and simple

Your therapist will ask you about your history as well as what you believe may be the causes of your gambling, including any triggers. We will work together to uncover the ways in which you can overcome this addiction. You will experience a dream like state which is hypnosis. This relaxed state of mind allows you to be open to suggestion and imagery to help foster a better relationship with your addiction. These suggestions are targeted to your subconscious mind, where they will work automatically to help you overcome your compulsions to gamble excessively.

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